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Multy Fur

Hello! *Waves* I just joined this group. For two reason's... 1) I actually know the furson who started it. 2) If there was ever a group that I belonged in this is it. And even though I don't see anyone else using this group I'm going to go ahead and introduce myself anyways.

My name is Shadow, but people call me Shaddy (long story). I have been a fur for a number of years. And I have a little problem with multiple personalities. I haven't actually been diagnosed (another long story) but it's not like I really need some over priced doctor to tell me what I already know...

And now I will post a list and description of each of my personalities. I posted this same list in my personal LJ just the other day.

And please note that when I list sex I'm referring to if the personality is masculine or feminine.

#1) Shadow Foxx IV (IV stands for The 4th if you didn't know.) A.K.A. Shaddybigfluffytail or just Shaddy for short.

Fursona: Fennic Fox
Sex: Male

This is my personality (I.E. The one typing at the moment), it's also the first, before the others showed up. Shadow has a lot on his mind. Actually remembering what it was like to exist on his own without other personalities he's the only one who actually sees himself as mentally troubled. Nervous, depressed, anxious. The only Goth of the group. Shadow sees himself as a outcast even among his other selves. What more Shadow played with having a romance between himself and one of his other personalities, Chaku, back when she first came onto the seen (at that time online role play was a big part of communicating between the different personalities) and to this day the two still hold feelings for each other which only make things more awkward. He also constantly questions his sexuality, having been straight until his first feminine personality came along and gave him a look at other possibilities. He likes having friends and being around other people but because of his mixed feelings has trouble communicating with others and always ends up alienating himself.

#2)Noilivap, A.K.A Nolly

Fursona: Kangaroo
Sex: Female

Nolly was the first Alternate to emerge. Going more punk in tastes then the Gothic Shadddy, she exhibited many qualities Shadow did not. For starters she was a feminine personality, preferring to call herself a girl despite the male body. She was able to talk to people freely and easily without any of Shaddy's doubts. And she showed a backbone where as Shaddy had seemed to have lost his. But the despite the fact that Nolly was more liked by other people then Shaddy, the two formed a tight bond of friendship and Nolly even ended up becoming Shadow's unofficial protector, even going as far as to try and keep other personalities away from him. Interestingly enough, Nolly also thinks of herself as a bit of an intellectual.

#3) Chaku, A.K.A. Aku

Fursona: Spotted Skunk
Sex: Female

Chaku was the 3rd member of the group to appear. Just as Nolly was everything Shaddy was not, Chaku was different from both of them. Overly sexual, fun loving, and sometimes even perverted. Chaku took delight in indulging herself in everything Shaddy and Nolly would not. It was this lust for the forbidden that first led Chaku to peruse Shadow, one of her fellow personalities, romantically. However once she and Shadow started to develop feelings for each other Chaku started to mellow out a bit and left her perverted side behind in exchange for becoming a hopeless romantic. Chaku's relationship with Nolly however has always been sketchy at best. The two consider themselves to be friends but are at constant odds with each other. Nolly, seeing herself as Shadow's protector has never approved of Chaku's strange relationship with him.

Interesting Fact: Despite what Chaku's name may mean in Japanese, it's actually a combination of the words 'Chakat' and Aku (which is Japanese for evil). So her name's true meaning is 'Evil Chakat'.

#4) Chessy

Fursona: Squirrel
Sex: Female

Chessy was the next to come along. Showing a more youthful and energetic side she was instantly considered to be immature by the other Alternates. In online role play she took the role of Shadow's cousin and still thinks of herself as such, forming a closer bond to Shadow then to any of the others. However she did take an instant liking to Nolly as well, (the clingly kind) and where there's one, the other can normally be found. Strangely Chessy seemed to pick up the aspects of Chaku's personality that were abandoned when she developed her relationship with Shaddy. And over time Chessy came to be known as 'Little Chaku'.

#5) Hoofy

Fursona: Zebra
Sex: Male

Hoofy came last, finishing up the original 5. He was the only other masculine personality. I would be lying to say that all of my personalities get along. Hoofy has expressed a strong dislike for all the other members of the original 5, Shadow most of all. Whereas the other Alternates have all been friendly in their own way, Hoofy has proved to be a real asshole. Quick to anger and frustration and strongly against everything the other's stand for. The only member of the original 5 he can get along with for longer then a min. is Nolly who's able to deal with him by being just as much of an asshole.

#6) Patches, A.K.A. Shadow Vixen

Fursona: Living Stuffed Animal (fox)
Sex: Mostly Female

Patches was the first new personality to come along after the gape of inactivity that took place after the establishment of the original 5. This new personality swapped back and forth from being masculine and feminine, with a preferences for her feminine side. She tends to express her loneliness when she's actually around and longs to be romanced but shies away from other people. I haven't had a lot of contact with this one, but lately she has been opening up to the Shaddy personality (me) and Nolly personality more and more.

#7) Wolfa

Fursona: Wolf
Sex: Female

Little is known about this personality as she only pops up every now and then mostly when the rest of us are feeling depressed. But try pinning her down and actually having a conversation with her and you may as well be looking for Waldo.

#8) Kitsu

Fursona: 7 tailed fox
Sex: ???

Kitsu is much newer then the others, and what's interesting about this one is that it won't admit to being an Alternate. Kitsu claims to be a true 7 tailed fox (hasn't grown it's last 2 tails yet) who has possessed my body. I actually brought Kitsu home with me from MTAC, and considering all the weird people that attend that convention (like myself), and my occult background, I guess it is possible that I could have picked up some kind of spirit there... But these are only claims Kitsu makes and I haven't decided if I want to believe them or not. It's more likely that it is just another Alternate. Kitsu is a thorn in my side and the bane of my existence. This one is constantly tormenting my and my already troubled mind. But it also seems to have a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde complex going on. One moment Kitsu can be as sweet and friendly as can be, and the next it's right back to tormenting. No one else is at ease around this one, but the Shadow personality is probably the most weary of it.

#9) Gobbella

Fursona: Koopa
Sex: Female

The latest and final (for the moment) addition to the group. Gobbella is a very gruff personality. One would almost find her like the stereotypical anime muscle chick. However I've been told that she dose have a softer side, but only shows it to Chaku. Chaku seems to be her favorite and she rarely interacts with any other. I personally (the Shadow personality) have only encountered her three times during which she did express to me her strong dislike of pornography. She has never come out to me about her sexual preferences but I would pin her as a lesbian (if that's possible?).
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